There are thousands of online slots available at casinos throughout the world, but there’s one that stands head and shoulders above the rest: Rainbow Riches. This superb video slot from Barcrest has been around since way back in 2006, however eager online casino players still play Rainbow Riches online every day, hoping to win the massive prizes this slot machine can offer.

It’s not just the original version of the game available nowadays though, as Barcrest have also introduced a plethora of other Rainbow Riches slots – all of which are looked at in detail on this page. These games have everything from wild symbols through to exciting bonus games, ensuring that you’ll always experience fun and action whenever you spin the reels.

The Rainbow Riches online slot truly is the best around, so why not learn more about this superb game by looking through this site? You won’t find any other site online with more information about this slot game!

The Different Rainbow Riches Slots

There are many different Rainbow Riches games, and they can all be found at a variety of different online casino sites. Below, we’re going to go through every single one of the Rainbow Riches online casino games, so you can decide which of these casino games you’d prefer to play. The newly launched online casino JeffBet offers all variations of the Rainbow Riches games so be sure to check them out.

Rainbow Riches

We’ll start with the original Rainbow Riches game – and still the best version, according to many. The original Rainbow Riches casino game is really simple to play, however there are still plenty of bonus features. These include the exciting Road to Riches bonus, as well as the Wishing Well bonus and the Pots of Gold bonus. The Road to Riches bonus is best, offering the most excitement, as well as the biggest prizes.

Fortune Favours

This Rainbow Riches slot machine is really popular and it’s also the simplest of all the series. The Magic Fairy Bonus is the only bonus round, however there is also the Big Bet option – something found at many slots in the series. This allows you to make a larger bet – the larger the bet, the more special features will be activated. The more you bet per spin, the higher the RTP is. At its best, the RTP can be an impressive 98%.

Free Spins

There are no prizes for guessing the focus of this game. Yes, it’s free spins, and you could win them in bucketloads when you spin this online slot’s reels. If you get three or more Free Spins symbols anywhere on the reels, the bonus feature is activated. It is possible to earn extra free spins while the bonus is active, and the luckiest of players will find a massive 999 free spins credited to them – something that will lead to some huge prizes!


Megaways is actually a collaboration between Barcrest and Big Time Gaming, as it uses BTG’s famous Megaways system. This means that you’ll find 117,649 different ways to win, which are spread across the game’s six reels. There are a few different features – including the excellent Cascading Wins – plus it’s possible to buy direct access to the free spins bonus. If you’re looking for a game with loads of excitement, this is the one for you.

Pick ‘n Mix

The big attraction to this Rainbow Riches slot game is the fact that it has no fewer than five different bonus features. It gets the name “Pick ‘n Mix” as you’ll be able to choose which bonuses to have active during the game. All bonuses are ones seen at other versions of this slot. There’s also the chance to use the Big Bet feature – something that is common with slots in this series. The prizes are good, with players able to win up to 500x their bet.

Reels of Gold

Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold is a slot with 100 different paylines and it borrows a feature from WMS – Colossal Reels. There are also seven different bonuses that can be randomly activated by a fairy, plus free spins are also waiting to be won. You’ll also find the Big Bet feature. At this slot, it’s possible to win 500x your bet, and this happens when you get five lucky leprechauns on a payline. This slot is certainly one for those looking for loads of different features!

Drops of Gold

Drops of Gold is perhaps the most unique game in the series. You’ll see that various pots hover above the reels on the rainbow to riches and they’re vital to the main feature, which is started when a Drops of Gold symbol appears anywhere on the fifth reel. When this happens, the pots above the reels will drop down and become wild symbols, which can lead to huge prizes. There’s also a free spins bonus, plus this is yet another slot offering the Big Bet option.

Home Sweet Home

This is a slot with five reels, each of which is a massive five symbols tall. You’ll notice that there are doors above the reels, and these will open when you manage to get the stacked leprechaun symbol covering the first reel. The symbols revealed when the doors open will then turn wild on the reels. You can also activate a great free spins bonus round, plus, once again, the Big Bet feature is available for the higher spending players.

Leprechaun’s Gold

This slot has seven reels, all of which are five symbols tall. There are three Rainbow Riches bonus features and you can choose the one you want when you get three Bonus symbols anywhere on the reels. You’ll occasionally get some help to start this feature, as the leprechaun could appear at any moment and add extra Bonus symbols to the reels. This slot also has the Big Bet feature. This is a simple slot, but one everybody should enjoy.


This game combines slots and bingo games to create an exceptionally exciting way to play. Match the numbers on your grid with those on the reels – you’ll win a prize when you manage to get all numbers in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal direction. You can also get a full house, which results in the game’s top prize. With plenty of bonus features also thrown into the mix, this is definitely a game for those looking for something a little different.

Scratch to Match

This is one of the most popular scratchcards around, found at a large number of different online casino sites. You’ll find a grid of nine squares which you’ll need to scratch away, hopefully revealing prizes underneath. You’ll find some exciting bonus rounds when you play, just as you will when playing all the different Rainbow Riches slot machines. You’ll also find a progressive jackpot at this game, which only makes the game an even more exciting one!

Play Rainbow Riches Online

How to Play the Original Rainbow Riches

It would be impossible for us to tell you how to play every single one of the many different games in this series, however we are going to go through how to play the original.

You’ll start the game by choosing how much money you want to bet – the more you bet, the more you could potentially win. You’ll also need to choose how many paylines to have active – the more paylines, the more expensive the game becomes, but the more chances you’ll have to win.

It’s then simply a case of pressing the “Spin” button to start the game. Once the reels stop spinning, you’ll see if you’ve won a prize. A prize is won whenever you get three or more identical symbols on a payline, starting from the first reel. If you do win a cash prize, it will be paid into your casino account straightaway. The game has a wild symbol, and this can substitute for most other symbols on the reels in order to create winning combinations.

It’s also possible to activate bonus features. The first of these is the Road to Riches bonus, which is activated when you get three leprechaun scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. You’ll then be taken to a second screen, where you’ll see a wheel and a trail of multipliers. Spin the wheel and move up the trail. You’ll stop spinning when the wheel lands on “Collect” and the multiplier you finish on will be applied to your stake.

There’s also the Wishing Well bonus, which starts when you get three or more wishing well symbols anywhere on the reels. This starts a simple bonus: just pick from one of the wells and reveal a multiplier, which will then be applied to your stake to create your prize.

The final bonus round is the Pots of Gold bonus, and this starts when you get pots of gold symbols on reels two, three and four. You’ll see various pots of gold spinning around and one is selected randomly for you. This will show a multiplier, which is once again applied to your stake to create your bonus prize.

This is an exceptionally simple game, meaning that everyone should be able to play straightaway. If you do want to practice before playing for real money though, we’d recommend you play Rainbow Riches free first. It is possible to play this game for free at all good casino sites offering the real money game to players.

Play Rainbow Riches Online

Why Play a Rainbow Riches Slot?

The first reason to play at Rainbow Riches slot sites is simple: you can win some massive sums of money. Let’s take the original game as an example. The luckiest players at this game can win a jackpot worth 500x their stake. This means that those playing at higher stakes can win thousands and thousands of pounds! Some versions of this game also offer really high RTPs, meaning you should have a great chance of winning. This is particularly the case when using the Big Bet, which increases your bet drastically, but also increases the RTP at the same time.

You’ll also find that this series of games is exceptionally exciting. Even those playing the original version will find plenty of features to entertain them, and these features only get better at many of the sequels to the original game. Gameplay at most of the slots in the series is also really simple, which only makes the game even more exciting to play.

Finally, you’ll find that this is an incredibly safe slot to play. Barcrest, the makers of the game, are exceptionally well-regarded in the online casino world, and the fact that the game has been around since 2006 shows that it can be trusted. Of course, you should only play the game at a casino regulated by the Gambling Commission though.

Playing Rainbow Riches Slots on a Mobile

If you prefer playing online slots using your mobile, then you’re in luck. This is because all games in this series have been properly optimised for mobile play. So, simply head to your chosen casino and then pick the game you want to play. It will then display perfectly on your device’s screen, regardless of its shape and size. You’ll then be able to use the touchscreen to operate the game. Alternatively, you can often download an app for a casino, which will often offer one of the games from this popular series.

All mobile games in this series have the same features as their desktop counterparts. This means that all the bonuses are still there, plus you can still win thousands of pounds on every single spin of the reels.

Play Rainbow Riches Online Today!

So, that’s pretty much everything you need to know about this highly popular series of online casino games. Whichever game you choose to play, you’ll find it to be massively exciting, plus you’ll also have the chance to win a huge sum of money.

Why not head to your favourite online casino right now and start playing one of these games? We know you’ll love playing when you do!