As experienced slot players will know, every online slot machine has a Return to Player (usually shortened to RTP). This is an important number, as the higher it is, the better your chances of winning money are.

On this page, we’re going to be taking a close look at the RTP of Rainbow Riches, to see if it offers a good chance of winning, as well as if there’s anything you can do to boost the RTP when you play.

A Look at the RTP of the Rainbow Riches Slot

What is Return to Player?

Let’s start by looking at what RTP is. It is expressed as a percentage and tells you how much money you should expect to win back over a prolonged period of playing. It is important to remember that the RTP isn’t a guarantee you’ll win that much back though – some players will win big prizes, while others won’t make a profit while playing.

Perhaps the best way to explain is with an example. Rainbow Riches has an RTP of exactly 95%. This means that, on average, someone betting £100 on the game will win back £95. A slot with a lower RTP though would give the player a lower chance of winning money.

What is the RTP of Rainbow Riches?

As just mentioned, the Rainbow Riches RTP comes in at 95%. This is the official figure from the people over at Barcrest, and their claim has been proven to be correct by an independent auditing company.

An RTP of 95% isn’t the highest you’ll find in the online slots world, as there are some slots that have RTPs in excess of 98%. It’s also not the lowest RTP either though, as other slots offer RTPs in the low 90s. When compared to other slots in the Rainbow Riches franchise, the original places in the middle. Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold has the best RTP, coming in at 97%.

Can the RTP Be Increased?

At some Rainbow Riches slots, it is possible to increase the RTP. This is thanks to the Big Bet feature. This increases the bet size, but also increases the likelihood of you winning. In fact, it can take the RTPs of some Rainbow Riches games up to 98%. Of course, you’re risking more when using the Big Bet though, so you have to weigh up the risk against the potential rewards before deciding what you’re going to do. Please never be tempted to bet more than you can afford to lose when playing any game at an online casino.

Unfortunately, the Big Bet is not something that is offered at the original Rainbow Riches online slot machine. This means that there is nothing you can do to increase the RTP of the game.