Can You Cheat on Rainbow Riches?

Thousands and thousands of people have spun the reels of Rainbow Riches, some who’ve been lucky enough to win, and others who haven’t. There are some people who think that there’s a sure-fire way to beat the machine though – a cheat that somehow bypasses the slot’s programming and sends money flooding to the cheating player.

Unfortunately for you, this is all a lie though. There is absolutely no way to cheat Rainbow Riches into paying out more than it should, just as there’s no way to cheat any other slot found online. Find out more when you read below…

Can You Cheat on Rainbow Riches?

Why Rainbow Riches Can’t Be Cheated

The main reason why Rainbow Riches can’t be cheated is the random number generator (RNG) used to control the results of every spin. The RNG is a complex algorithm, and it ensures that every spin really is completely random – meaning that Player A always has the same chances of winning as Player B.

But what if the casino decides to manipulate the RNG? Well, it can’t, and this is for two reasons. The first is the fact that any online casino offering games to UK customers has to have a licence from the Gambling Commission. This government body tests every part of a site – including the fairness of the games – before it awards a licence. An unfair game would never manage to get past their scrutiny.

The other reason casinos can’t cheat the RNG? They have absolutely no control over it. The way a slot works is controlled by the software provider, not the casino. So, even if an unscrupulous casino wanted to cheat its players, it wouldn’t be able to. Software providers can’t cheat either, thanks to the Gambling Commission mentioned earlier.

Is There a Way to Increase Winning Chances?

Quite simply, there is no way to alter the amount you could win from every spin. If you use bankroll management though, you’ll at least have a better chance of not losing everything. Instead of spending your entire £100 on one session at Rainbow Riches, assign just 10% of your account balance. Once this £10 has been lost, be strict with yourself and walk away. You’ll then have money left to play with tomorrow and won’t find yourself depositing nearly as often. Be strict if you’re winning too, by setting an amount of profit to quit on, as this ensures you get the nice feeling of walking away while up on the machine.

While not possible at the original Rainbow Riches, some of the sequels do give you an option that can boost your chances of winning. The Big Bet causes your stake to be increased, however it will also give five linked spins, with the prizes tallied up at the end. The higher the Big Bet, the better your chances are of winning. The only drawback is that having to place big bets can be costly, so it’s only really suitable for those with larger bankrolls.