How Does Rainbow Riches Bingo Work?

Rainbow Riches is one of the most popular slot machines ever created. Keen to capitalise on its popularity, developers have also used the theme for a few other casino games too, and one of the most exciting is Rainbow Riches Bingo.

This exciting game, which can be played for as little as £0.05 per ticket, is found at a large number of online bingo sites and, when it’s offered, it’s generally one of the more popular games at the site. This is because it perfectly combines the two things every gambler wants: the chance to win some money, as well as an exciting playing experience.

It’s possible to play Rainbow Riches Bingo using a desktop or a mobile device, so everyone is included. Why not learn more by reading below?

How Does Rainbow Riches Bingo Work?


The Goal of the Game

The goal of the game is simple: you need to be the first player to turn one whole clover gold. Once this has been achieved, the game continues though, as there will also be a prize for the player managing to fill both their clovers. This second prize is the larger of the two.

Those playing Rainbow Riches Bingo online will also be working towards another goal too, and that’s taking down the progressive jackpot. This can be triggered in any game. There’s also a personal jackpot, which is won when you’ve collected 40 gold coins.


How to Play Rainbow Riches Bingo

So, how exactly do you play Rainbow Riches Bingo? Well, you’ll first need to buy a ticket (or, as in the case with many players, a few tickets). Each ticket contains eight numbers and they can be bought for as little as £0.05 each. We would recommend buying at least a strip of five tickets every time, as this allows you to take part in the Wishing Well feature.

As with standard bingo, numbers are then randomly drawn. As already mentioned, you’ll win a prize if you’re the first to fill one clover or both clovers. It’s that simple to play this game at its most basic level – there really are no complex rules to think about.

But what about the other features? Well, the progressive jackpot – called the Rainbow Road Jackpot – is the most exciting, and it is split into three parts: Bronze, Silver and Gold. As the game is played, Lucky O’Leary will make his way along a path. If he lands on one of the pots, this jackpot will be shared with the community. If he goes past a pot, 50% will be shared, while the rest will be placed into the next prize pot.

Those who buy at least five tickets will also be given the chance to win the Wishing Well Jackpot. Before every game, you’ll be asked to pick a number. If that number is called while playing, you’ll win a gold coin. Collect 40 of these gold coins and you’ll win the Wishing Well Jackpot, which is worth £5. It’s not the biggest jackpot around, however it really adds to the excitement of the game.