How to Win on Rainbow Riches

Rainbow Riches is an incredibly popular game, as are the many sequels that have followed. This popularity is down to a few reasons, with one being the fact that big prizes are offered to all players. But how exactly can you boost your chances of winning these big prizes when you play? Keep on reading to find out…

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Don’t Play for Free for Too Long

Firstly, resist the temptation to play for free for too long. Sure, get to grips with the game for five minutes by spinning for free, but then move onto the real money game straightaway. There is no skill involved when playing slot machines, so brand-new players have as much chance of winning the jackpot as those who have been playing for years.


Use Bankroll Management

Every good gambler knows that bankroll management is vital. This is the case regardless of the game, from slot machines through to Texas hold’em poker. It essentially means that you should only risk a small percentage of your bankroll – most say around 10%. So, if you have £100 to play with, only play with £10. If you win, that’s great, but if you lose that £10, have the restraint needed to stop. You’ll then ensure that you have money left over to play with next time.


Play Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold

Next up, we recommend playing one version of Rainbow Riches over all others, and this version is Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold. Why is this game preferable? Well, it’s for one reason: it has the highest RTP of any of the games in the Rainbow Riches series. The RTP comes in at 97%, meaning that, over time, you should win back £97 for every £100 you bet. You’ll find that most casinos have made the RTPs of their games available, should you want to double check the figure we’ve quoted here.


Consider the Big Bet Feature Carefully

Many of the games in the Rainbow Riches series have something called the Big Bet. This is a feature that allows you to boost your chances of winning on every spin, however it comes with a catch: your bet size will also drastically increase. The Big Bet will cause the RTP of the game to increase, however you have to judge whether the potential rewards are worth the added risk. Most people with large bankrolls will choose to use the Big Bet feature though.


Don’t Believe Sites Offering Cheat Codes

Finally, you should avoid any sites that tell you they have cheat codes for any online slots, not just Rainbow Riches. Slot providers don’t include these in their games, as they would soon become public knowledge and lead to casinos losing huge amounts of money. Instead of trying to find ways to cheat games, just use the common sense and accurate tips found on this page in order to increase your chances of winning when playing the slots in the Rainbow Riches range.